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On Sunday, August 2, we will celebrate our feast day. This year, our ruling bishop, His Eminence Irenee, Archbishop of Ottawa and Canada, will not be able to come to us because at this time he will represent the Orthodox Church in America at the celebrations in Moscow. However, for the time of our patronal feast, Bishop Irinee sends to our church the relics of a great saint, Holy Martyr, the Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna, renowned not only for her martyrdom, but for her righteous life, given entirely to the sacrificial service to God and her neighbours.
You can read the life story of this amazing woman here.
The arrival of the relics of Saint Elizaveta to our parish of St. Seraphim of Sarov is particularly significant, given the importance that Seraphim had in Elizaveta's spiritual growth. She participated in the first recovery of Saint Seraphim's relics in 1903, and it made such a strong and lasting impression on her, that after that, in the most difficult periods of her life, she sought spiritual support from the relics of St.Seraphim. According to eyewitnesses, during the First World War, caring for the wounded, she anointed them with the holy oil from St.Seraphim.
We invite everyone to pray together at the feast of St. Seraphim in the presence of the relics of the great saint, who fulfilled the bidding of the holy elder: "Acquire the spirit of peace, and then thousands of souls will be saved around you!"